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GRACE FLYNN 10th Anniversary

GRACE FLYNN 10th Anniversary

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GRACE FLYNN 10th Anniversary Edition

In 1888 London, amidst the terror caused by Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel, Grace Flynn finds herself imprisoned on Mont Orgueil. Accused of countless crimes, she is deemed a danger to society, even branded as the foulest evil by the Holy See.

As her life of misdeeds nears its end, a glimmer of hope emerges when the living myth, Baron Daedalus, arrives with an unorthodox offer of freedom. The path to redemption lies in a harrowing journey through a shadowy world, where Grace must confront nightmares once thought to be mere legends and superstitions.

Yet, amidst the unveiling of a secret supernatural world by the man who hunts such creatures, doubts creep in. Could Baron Daedalus pose a threat to Grace as well? Only time will reveal the truth of their uncertain alliance.


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